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        Australian International Career Center(澳洲国际职业教育中心, 简称:AICC),于2015年1月成立并落户澳大利亚墨尔本,是致力于“中国教师学生走出去,国际师资课程引进来”的一家专业从事职业教育国际化的综合服务机构。 在中澳两国签署《中华人民共和国教育部与澳大利亚教育培训部关于职业教育与培训合作的谅解备忘录》的国家战略背景下,澳洲政府为中国师生赴澳进行职业教育创造了便利条件。AICC以“打造中国国际金蓝领摇篮”为导向,紧紧围绕“走出去,引进来”为政府、学校、教师、学生提供最专业的服务,从“国际升学通道”、“职教版微留学”、“学生短期培训”、“教师短期研修”、“中外校际交流”、“国际合作办学”、“课程教材引进”、“师资外教引进”、“国际职教云课堂”、“国际域外孵化器”十个维度,最终成为全球最大的职业教育国际化的综合服务机构。AICC于2018年7月在加拿大成立北美分部,并加快教育产业全球化、多元化的发展进程。

Australian International Career Center(AICC) was established in Melbourne in 2015. 
AICC is a professional integrated services organization for the vocational education internationalized and committed to “Going-global of Chinese teachers and students” and “Bringing-in of international teachers and courses”. 
After the Prime Ministers of China and Australia signed the "Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China and the Australian Ministry of Education and Training on Vocational Education and Training Cooperation", Australian Government has created convenient conditions for Chinese teachers and students to go to Australia for vocational education. 
With the goal of “Building China’s International Golden Blue Collars”, AICC focuses on “Going-Global and Bringing-in” and provides governments, schools, teachers and students with the following ten types of professional services: International Education Pathways, Vocational Study Tour, Student Short-term Training, Teacher Short-term Training, Inter-school Exchange, Joint Education, Curriculum Introduction, Teacher Introduction, Online Vocational Education Class and International Incubator. These services makes AICC eventually become the world’s largest integrated service organization for the vocational education internationalized.
In July 2018, AICC established the North American branch in Canada and accelerated the globalization and diversification of the education industry.
As the career planner for Chinese young students, AICC always adheres to the guiding ideology of “Linking Chinese and Australian educational resources and breaking through the employment dilemma of young people”, and becomes the first to create a “full-time five-star planning service system”, which includes professional international career planning, school and visa application, entry&exit guidance, land placement, real-time communication, safety supervision, legal assistance, extracurricular tutoring, cross-culture adaptation, medical guidance and etc. Also, the service system includes different life stages of Chinese young students, such as daily life, study, part-time, internship, employment, entrepreneurship, and immigration. The purpose is to make students and parents no worry about studying and living abroad.
AICC has always made unremitting effort for the international and standardization of Chinese vocational education.



AICC 中国总部
China Headquarters

浙江澳可信息科技有限公司(简称:澳可),于2017年1月17日成立并落户杭州,是 AICC的中国运营总部。这里有一群充满教育情怀的热血青年,正寻求志同道合的伙伴共赴成功彼岸。
Zhejiang AICC Information Technology co., Ltd(Zhejiang AICC), the China Operations Headquarters of AICC, was established on January 17, 2017 in Hangzhou. There are a group of passionate young people in the company, and we all love education and are looking for like-minded partners to go for success.


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